Body Self Perception

Body Self  Perception

For me it is sort of like trying to define the space around you and the depth perception one has of that space. It is also about location and whether awareness can pick up on other thing happening within that environment,
 while circumvented to the virtual reality.

This idea is one where I developed the term Topo-sense as a geometrical exercise of the awareness to move itself in complex organizational movements,  as if being lead by some geometrical mapping. Mathematically this seemed correlative in the construction of geometrical movements , as well “the archiving” and unfolding of geometrical form. Why Arizona might be of importance?


“What’s Your Law?”

Damasio’s First Law The body precedes the mind.

Damasio’s Second Law Emotions precede feelings.

Damasio’s Third Law Concepts precede words.


Michael Persinger has a vision – the Almighty isn’t dead, he’s an energy field. And your mind is an electromagnetic map to your soul.

It is necessary to look at the space around you understanding self awareness can extend itself into that space.

“The Mind is Inherently Embodied”

Our brains take their input from the rest of our bodies. What our bodies are like and how they function in the world thus structures the very concepts we can use to think. We cannot think just anything – only what our embodied brains permit.”

I want science of course and all we are doing is playing with mind, and mapping the condensation result of mind at work in the biological system?

You see how one can change parameters, one can see things differently?

The inductive/deductive phase is really “an interaction” with the world around you. A topological change? Toposense? Turning yourself inside/out and back again.


What we have learned

We have found consciousness can be described as an emergent property of the complex electromagnetic process generated from predictable biochemical and biological processes. Although the terms soul and mind may have been useful at one time to describe this process, they are no longer required. They are more like the term “phlogiston” that was employed to describe why things burned before modern chemistry emerged. When there is no electrical current moving through the parts of a television, there is no picture. When the specific electromagnetic patterns are not generated within the brain structures there is no consciousness or awareness.

Some individuals with very different brain structures show different electromagnetic correlates that are associated with their ability to discern stimuli others cannot detect. Counter clockwise rotation of weak magnetic fields around the skull at specific rates of change (derivatives) can affect subjective time and allow the average person to experience many of the altered states reported by practitioners of mystical traditions as well as “paranormal” phenomena. The critical variables, like any chemical reaction, are the complexity and specificity of the temporal parameters. One component of consciousness may be “sequestered” within second or third derivatives of very narrow bands of changes in frequency within the theta range. Our calculations of resonance, based upon the power changes within quantitative electroencephalographic measures, suggest that one electromagnetic source of consciousness may actually exist within the 10 cm region outside of and surrounding the cranium.

Link now dead.

Of course one might want to be connected to how the parameters here in this blog were developed, so as to change how science currently does it?

Here again(your awareness of a red light bulb while in virtual reality can consciously penetrate) what you cannot see in the science of “in that space” is the interactive reality of what our emotions emit, or, what we demonstrate intellectually. Let’s just say it is colored for emphasis, and that there is a method, just that we have not developed the science to see in such ways? “Not just the biological result of” looking through our measure fMRI?

With the parameter change given read these books and see how from my perspective things appear differently?  An alternate reality?

I am not saying you have to accept it, just that you look at the space I am talking about and how we may place light bulbs, as if to see if our conscious can penetrate through the virtual,  that it can exist outside of the body. This the central idea of what I am saying.

That the excelling of principle and your soul’s desire for such perfection is ultimately contained within you and within the environment you work and live. Can exist in as a type of consciousness apart from the body itself.

While such generalizations are not accepted in science, it is food for thought that I give in consideration.

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