A Message from your Future Self.

I know if you are a scientist this does not equate to anything of value that can be assigned by any measure. So lets be clear here. So,  other then to say,  that any move toward identifying this aspect of self, it is always present and available to our observing, as a process of introspection. If you are going to say that such time travel does not exist in that forward sense, how would/could we really know?

So while there is not much given to the attribution of any real science here, I thought,  if given to such wondering of my mind, then what would happen to the arrow of time(well nothing since there is no real science)? How would this run in contradiction too, what science has to say about it? So if your a scientist how if possible could this ever be true?

The ability of our perception to see in advance would be to have our perceptions run backward in time and to see that this Future self, has an ability to see all that forgoes in the movement forward as to the soul’s progressions. Show what it will become,  if it has the ability to see backward in time and to have the ability of to move forward in time.

The elusiveness of this perception of seeing,  from another perspective is intriguing to me.  This wondering is providing some background as to where and how we can recognize that future self.  What wisdom shall flow through back to this time in my life with which to provide incentive. Which is to provide meaning and to understand what I have become,  in that future time. Here in then lies attributes of the forgetfulness as too, what any future self shall see if each segment of the time/space allotted holds “a blanket over” each space time.

I have always argued that this ability of wisdom to be in all of us, then,  takes on new meaning here as I explore the nature and thoughts about this Future self. The Future self then,  is the Higher self. While I had attributed this to the archetypes with which we create, then how does our ability of mind to use metaphorical and subjective symbols too,  “send a message” to our now.


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