Higgs Field as a Pheromone?

I am lead by science.

Just so you know at what scale most certain and in this, the analogy ensues.

A Biologist Remembers (1967)1 Karl Ritter von Frisc wrote about his life’s work:

The layman may wonder why a biologist is content to devote 50 years of his life to the study of bees and minnows without ever branching out into research on, say, elephants, or at any rate the lice of elephants or the fleas of moles. The answer to any such question must be that every single species of the animal kingdom challenges us with all, or nearly all, the mysteries of life.

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You must know that this “organizing principle” while being put in relation to the LHC works to identify this “matter constituent motivator” it is also held in another context. I see this work with some similarities. This is not to bastardize the subject of particle reductionism, but to see where and how we move forward with the knowledge that we gain from doing this experiment.

The harmony of their colonies has been used as a metaphor. Wilson (2004) states that a community of honeybees often has been employed historically by political theorists as a model of human society:

This image occurs from ancient to modern times, in Aristotle and Plato; in Virgil and Seneca; in Erasmus and Shakespeare; Tolstoy, as well as by social theorists Bernard Mandeville and Karl Marx.2

I drew from this context what I thought in relation to how birds can move, or schools of fish might move in the water, and all the time this movement of the body, is held in my mind to what can gather around a principal or organization. See:What’s on the Condense Matter Theorist’s Mind?

While to make such a move is most dangerous in terms of taking what is factual in the experimentations and going out into the world with this knowledge, such analogies would serve to push forward society by it’s ideals, by introducing this ancient notion of societies coming from the basis of Plato and Aristotle. In this Bee knowledge such references were made in the David Suzuki program.

The Dance

The angle from the sun indicates direction. The duration of the waggle part of the dance signifies the distance.

While the dance is physical, it becomes more sensual, in that information is disseminated, and in the move from the matter states(references to dimensionality), it becomes increasingly clear that we are defining the substance of that communication from what is physically determined, to what such pheromones represent in the development of that language.

Marc D. Hauser:

We know that that kind of information is encoded in the signal because people in Denmark have created a robotic honey bee that you can plop in the middle of a colony, programmed to dance in a certain way, and the hive members will actually follow the information precisely to that location. Researchers have been able to understand the information processing system to this level, and consequently, can actually transmit it through the robot to other members of the hive.

….we know relatively little about how the circuitry of the brain represents the consonants and vowels. The chasm between the neurosciences today and understanding representations like language is very wide. It’s a delusion that we are going to get close to that any time soon. We’ve gotten almost nowhere in how the bee’s brain represents the simplicity of the dance language. Although any good biologist, after several hours of observation, can predict accurately where the bee is going, we currently have no understanding of how the brain actually performs that computation.

So who is to know that such fragrances can capture the imagination and reel it into the memories of our youth. How potent the force that all minds return to the memories unabated by the quickest path, and to the solidification of what those memories are to mean. Time is then measured by “this fragrance” and it rules the emotive recognition of what was attained in that youth or time.

How strong then this gathering that from this sensual smell, we move to the matters of our youth in that history and relive the memes of who we are now, as we talk about what must be done with our children. We speak as our mother and fathers in this time, and think, we speak from who you are. This teaching is transmitted in our actions, and our actions come from a place.

Fanning honeybee exposes Nasonov gland (white-at tip of abdomen) releasing pheromone to entice swarm into an empty hive

So we have two systems of knowledge confronted here that when detailed with regard to their total knowledge, would ask what relation I see that would to make such a statement as the Higgs as a Pheromone, and I see the gathering in “Colour of Gravity” as an envelope so distant from our understandings of this mass motivator, as a seed of principle and extension of what is emergent into our societies.

Reductionism and Emergence

Now you must know I am battling with this idea of Reductionism and emergence issuing from our thought processes at the same time. How they seem to me to be held in contrast to each other while I think of our society. How such cultures were initiated in principle by the honeybee which serve to help us think about what that culture can manifest in it’s drones, worker bees, and queen bees. A “matriarchal society” that serves it purpose to reproduce, while “pollinating life and giving sustenance for the planet around us.”

Honey bee pheromones are mixtures of chemical substances released by individual bees into the hive or environment that cause changes in the physiology and behaviour of other bees.

Now you must know I was watching Television last night, and while watching David Suzuki’s program, I was amazed at the dedication of the individual researcher in this regard, and the meaning this research had come to play in that person’s life.

A pheromone (from Greek φέρω phero “to bear” + ‘ορμόνη “hormone”) is a chemical that triggers a natural behavioral response in another member of the same species. There are alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones, sex pheromones, and many others that affect behavior or physiology. Their use among insects has been particularly well documented, although many vertebrates and plants also communicate using pheromones.

Now in this research having worked to understand the nine Pheromones which had been established, it was at this point a stalemate had been reached. Where to go with one’s research that the scientist saw a possibiity in a artist who came up with the idea to place different objects within a Bee box. This box was constructed specifically for this purpose.

Honeycomb geometry

There are two possible explanations for the reason that honeycomb is composed of hexagons, rather than any other shape. One, given by Jan Brożek, is that the hexagon tiles the plane with minimal surface area. Thus a hexagonal structure uses the least material to create a lattice of cells within a given volume. Another, given by D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson, is that the shape simply results from the process of individual bees putting cells together: somewhat analogous to the boundary shapes created in a field of soap bubbles. In support of this he notes that queen cells, which are constructed singly, are irregular and lumpy with no apparent attempt at efficiency.

Now seeing the honeycomb attached to these objects was a interesting perspective for me and one which can be construed to be developed from “straight lines,” is supported from such objects, and constructed therein. Hints of relativity and curvature may be thought here as an inception by nature’s own?

The bees begin to build the comb from the top of each section. When filled with honey, the bees seal the cells with wax.

It was by thinking in this creativity resurgence(order for free?) that the order of what is built in the honeycomb, one might ask, “why such a geometrical form?” Could it issue from what is related to gravity, as a “basis of that construction?” So by the introduction of this “new artistic measure” we see where the stalemate becomes a resurgence into the habits of the Bees and their method of construction. The geometrical nature of the form used, in the cell procreation and reproduction of that community.


I propose an experiment to illustrate the understanding of the innate feature of the structure building of Bees, and it’s honeycomb relation, to gravity. This is to be done by placing a “glass model” and the required pheromones to induce by the queen to the construct colony by it’s worker bees in space station.


1Frisch, Karl von. 1967. A biologist remembers. Pergamon Press.
2Wilson, B. 2004. The Hive: The Story Of The Honeybee. London, Great Britain: John Murray. ISBN 0719565987

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